Overdrive Gearbox - A saga of many parts - part 3

One of my goals has been to find a better gearbox cross member.  I have been looking round for a suitable transverse gearbox carrier, when I saw this off a Ford Sierra.




Too much rubber

The goal with this latest mod is to take out all the excess rubber in the side mounts, as the gearbox squirmed about as I cornered and it wouldn't do the UJs any good at all.  The Sierra bracket should hold the gearbox in place, however my immediate problem was how to fit the Sierra cross-member without drilling more holes in the Marina floorpan.  As you can see in the picture above, there are two flat spots roughly in line with the mounting points on the Marina cross-member, unfortunately the Marina body mounts are nowhere near as wide as the Sierra ones - but it's a starting point.

What I did was to offer up the Sierra bracket, measure and mark the position of the Marina chassis captive nuts and drill the centre hole in the bracket (the middle red oval) to match the chassis points - this would then give me access to the mounting point whether I bolted through it or came up with something else.  Offering it all up showed that although it held the gearbox very steady in the right place, the position was still a little high and the gear selector housing caught the transmission tunnel.  My solution was to sandwich a 10mm aluminium spacer between the bracket and the chassis.  This would require two more holes each side and the use of Hex bolts to mount to the chassis.  The two outer bolts secure the bracket to the spacers


New holes

As you can see in the pictures above, the wider Sierra bracket caused a problem on the exhaust side.  I was able to trim the excess bracket off to make a clean finish.  I may get round to doing the right hand one at some point.


A test drive confirmed that the whole thing is less squirmy and altogether more confidence inspiring.


Well this has been a journey, as they say, and here is what is the definitive version, which I am happy with and am going to leave alone.  I hanker after the Ford 5 speed gearbox option now - but time will tell and that will be another project?