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All the comments here are my own opinions, I don't badmouth people but will always pass on good news.  If you contact anyone here mention my name so they know where you are coming from.

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Comments  Very good website for all things Marina, particularly modded cars - my Coupe is on there so it must be good.  Run by Ben Clayton, now the MMOC club secretary.  The website also has the application form for the club if you want to join.  Ben can supply some parts as well as coming up with innovative suspension designs, always worth a look.  Chat rooms run by Ben to link with his site, if you have a problem that you may find that someone else has been there before.  Chat rooms of the MMOC - not sure who moderates it.  Retail sales site run by Steve Bilverstone - helped me out at the beginning, good bloke to know.  Official website of the Historic Rally Car Register

SuperFlex Ltd polyurethane bush website - this page includes the available Marina stuff, very good service fast and reliable - prefer to work by fax for some reason, so fill in their order form and fax orders to them.
Tel: 01530 231231

Fax: 01530 231232

Performance Wheels Ltd - very helpful tried to sort out my problems as they occurred, read "The Plans" for further details. Rimmer Brothers website lots of Marina bits as the Dolomite is a close BL cousin.

Tel: +44 (01451) 831174


Andy Walsingham is now the chairman of the MMOC and has a large store of Marina parts for sale. FIA Historic Rally Car Regulations - hours of endless fun MSA (Motor Sports Association) - more hours of endless fun Good people, very friendly and helpful.  Will go the extra mile for you. Very good with fast delivery, particularly helpful on the phone when you can't find what you want on the website or in the catalogue, supplied my non standard Spax shocks, once Spax told me the part numbers.