Stoneleigh Historic Rally Show - February 2005

I went to the Historic Rally Car Show at Stoneleigh  at the end of February 2005.  Last year I was marshalling for the HRCR on the outside exhibition course.  This year the organisers had asked the Falcon Motor Club to do the marshalling, so I went as a spectator.  Lot's of trade stands, loads of cars on trade stands, but no Marinas, so a bit boring really.  I wandered round for the best part of three hours, but saw relatively little to spark my imagination.  One car caught my eye, not a Marina but at least BMC, an Ex Works 1800 LandCrab, so I thought that you might like to see some pictures.

I went outside to have a look at the cars running and found a cornucopia of Group B & Group 4 rally cars, some of which make up my dream fantasy garage.  The cars were provided by a club of like minded and I guess well heeled chaps, who call themselves the Slowly Sideways Club.  They come from all over Europe, so I was lucky to see them.  I have shown some of their cars below.  If you click on a thumbnail picture it will expand so that you can have a good look.

Ideally it should have been all Marina works cars, but you can't have everything.

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Last year it was all 60s & 70s cars with Escorts, Imps, MGBs, the odd Porsche and an early Audi quattro, this year took up the timescale where the previous historics left off.  Actually I have left the best in my opinion until last, one of the cars was an Ex Works Triumph TR7 V8, which I fell in love with.  The interior shot was taken after the display run, it weren't half hot in there.

tr7_front.jpg (280194 bytes) tr7_rear.jpg (218489 bytes) tr7_interior.jpg (681829 bytes)