Current Plans

Spare Wheel Mount

The alloy wheels are too wide to go in the spare wheel well in the nearside rear wing, so I need a new fitting.  I was reading through the Demon Tweeks catalogue (as you do) and found that OMP make a spare wheel mount. This will solve my problem once I have fitted it, it means dropping the petrol tank, so it's not an hour job.

Now fitted (July 08).

Twin Carbs - Exhaust - Facet Fuel Pump - Filter King Regulator


I have bought a set of MGB Carbs and manifold (eBay) to fit on the Coupe, as you can see they are a bit of a mess at the moment.  This isn't straight forward as it first might seem.  What I plan is to recondition the carbs (now done) and fit them together with a PECO HDR LCB exhaust manifold (eBay), I need to do this as the current inlet manifold is a cast iron unit incorporating the exhaust manifold. 


Also, the Marina TC mechanical fuel pump is bigger/more powerful than my basic single carb pump.  To overcome this, I could have found a TC pump, but as it may foul the exhaust manifold anyway, I bought (eBay) a Facet fuel pump and a Filter King filter and pressure regulator (eBay), so my option is to mount these wire up the pump through the ignition (fuse panel from eBay) - more work.


Seller's item photo


Change of plans here, I have refurbished the carbs and fitted them together with MGB cast iron manifold and have retained the mechanical fuel pump for the time being.  

Also the K&N has been switch for a RamAir filter with quick release buttons, another MGB part but picked up new at an autojumble for 10 - bargain!


I had a stab at the electric pump but realised that I would need to wire in some kind of safety cut-out.  I have a special oil pressure switch which I will plumb into the engine bay on a Tee piece, this cuts the power feed to the electric pump if the oil pressure drops, such as when the engine stalls after an accident, acting as a safety switch.

I polished up the inlet manifold and the dashpots before fitting together with the Filter King filter.  I have plumbed it all in with self made stainless braided hoses for a bit of bling.


Camshaft and other thoughts

One problem with starting with a single carb Marina is that there is a softer cam in it than the MGB/Marina TC cam.  I have a choice, run with the one I've got at the moment or fit an uprated one.

If I go down the uprated cam route then, I will have to undo a lot of the good I've done; having done the timing chain (see the Unleaded Head story), and checked the bores when I had the head off (smooth as a babys' bum) and it doesn't seem to be using oil.  I am however intrigued by the Marina 1800 Haynes manual which shows you how to remove the cam with the engine in situ. 

I think for the time being, I shall stick with the current cam and limit my costs and see how it goes. 

Update, I have bought, but yet to fit (Nov 08) a Piper 270 cam and followers, maybe over the winter these will go in.

Fibreglass Bonnet

The Special Tuning Marinas had a few special panels made to lighten the car, mainly for rallying but they were for sale and listed in their catalogue.  Another MMOC member (Phil Welland) sold me an S/T fibreglass bonnet, he bought it from a guy who was SCRAPPING!!! an Ex-works BL Special Tuning car.

I haven't fitted it yet, but all the mounting points are there for the hinges and bonnet locks etc.  It is in white fibreglass and the top surface has been painted black (now pealing off).  At some point it was stored on its back edge, so there is a piece of work to be done rebuilding the back corners.  I have never done any work with glass fibre - any offers or advice out there?  Here's a picture from C&CC showing some of the bits that they built their rally Marina from (including a fibreglass bonnet).

There is also bootlid and some doors, if anyone has a fibreglass bootlid I would be very interested, but I'm not sure whether the doors would be legal these days (crash protection etc.).


Safety Devices Roll Cage


Safety Devices still have the plans for the Marina roll cage and can build one up quite quickly I'm told.

Safety Devices list the Marina under Rover for some reason, prices are plus VAT for mid 2004, I think.



Bolt-in cage to clear normal trim and dashboard.

Front cage




Mounts in 6 places to floor /  rear wheel arches.

Rear ( no diag. )



for Ital.)

Certified for competition with  fixed  diag. only.

Rear ( fixed diag. )




Other types for road use only. Use universal

Rear ( road use only )




door bars. MSA / FIA homologation certificate.





I have not really looked too far into this yet.  Has anyone fitted one, how easy is it, should I bolt in or have it welded in?  There is a Marina which is currently (autumn 2005) being prepared for historic rallying and they have just fitted this cage and bolted and welded it in.  Update 2008 - Safety Devices will still make up Marina roll-cages but want an order for a minimum of five! So unless there are four others wanting one this is on the back burner.