I took myself off to the International Classic Classic Motor Show on the 23rd October at the NEC in Birmingham.  Despite the rain outside the place was fairly busy.  I tracked down the MMOC & MIR stand and thought that you would all like to see the results.


Firstly some of the Motley Crew manning the stand - Andy W Ben & Andrew M (sorry to XXXX I didn't get you in the shot).  Three days is a long time to man a stand and represent the club, well done you.

The was lots of interest whilst I was there and a lot of membership forms went away in interested hands.

This sort of stand is just the thing the club needs in my opinion.

Just a point, at no time did I see the stand unmanned, having walked round the whole show, a lot of other clubs could learn from that, very professional.  There was always someone that club members & members of the non Marina public could talk to.



The gent reading the TC Coupes' screen info hung around for ages.  Being sold on Coupes myself, I could understand as I thought that it was beautiful.  I don't know why he was so interested, he didn't talk to anyone.  I had a quick scout round the TC afterwards in-case something obvious was suddenly missing.


The Royal Mail van was particularly popular with two groups of people; the under 5s whose dad's were desperate to keep them interested while they trawled round the show (I have christened them the "Postman Patters") and a 40s/50s crowd, a lot of whom I suspect were current or ex Postmen, who remember them with varying degrees of fondness.

It's a beautiful job this one, it looks and feels as crisp as the day it was delivered (pun).


The Sun Tor was in a lovely condition, one guy came up and asked if we knew if there was one for sale anywhere.  Andy Morris has done a lovely job with this one and it wasn't for sale.

As it happened there was one on eBay that morning so we passed that snippet on.





Just whilst I was there, there were chaps after parts, a Scots guy who came down down to the show from Aberdeen specially and was looking for a works van for his business.  He wanted something that no-one else had got.  All the guys were busy, so I chatted to him a while and made sure that he left with a membership application form

It has inspired me to offer my services for one day this time next year, go on yourself, why not have a day out with the club and a free look around the show into the bargain?

Chris Weedon